The Photographer

My name is Harold Rogers and I am a self-taught, freelance photographer who has over 23 years experience in many areas of photography. I am passionate about photography and I shoot in my spare time as a professional hobby.

My sources of work cover a wide range including, but not limited to, wedding photography, special events and modelling portfolios.

Digital technology offers many advantages over traditional film. This the my preferred technology  in order to offer the best quality photo options. Traditional film is still and option if so requested.

I own a small studio where I do in studio work from time to time. I love to shoot outdoors where the purity of nature inspires me, allowing me the freedom to be more creative. I do most of my photography on-location (indoors or out), carrying my studio equipment with me.

Candid shooting is a form of photography I deeply enjoy. It enables me to capture the true emotion and personality of each subject. With you, I hope to broaden my experience and introduce myself to new and different forms of photographic expression.

As your photographer, my focus is to reliably and unobtrusively capture in photographs, all the spontaneity, beauty, and emotion that you, your family and your friends will share and enjoy for a lifetime.